4 School Street
Medway, Maine
(207) 746-9531

Town Fees


New Car Registration (From A Dealership)
When registering a new vehicle purchased from a dealership please provide the following paperwork:
Proof of insurance.
Blue title application.
Proof of sales tax paid.
Please have your vehicle's current mileage. If the vehicle is new, please include the window sticker with the paperwork.
New Car Registration (From An Individual)
When registering a new vehicle purchased from an individual please provide the following paperwork:
Proof of insurance.
Bill of sale.
Any vehicle 1995 or newer needs a title.
Please have your vehicle's current mileage and the back side of the title filled out and signed by previous owner. 
Boat Registrations
1-10 HP
11-50 HP
51-115 HP
116+ HP
Non-Resident Milfoil
$30 w/milfoil
$35 w/milfoil
$41 w/milfoil
$49 w/milfoil
$49 w/milfoil


Dog Licensing
New year tags are available starting on October 15th. You need to provide proof of rabies shots and a spay/neutering certificate to complete registration. 
$ 6.00 for dogs that have been spay/neutered.
$11.00 for dogs that have not been spay or neutered.
If registering your dog after January 31st, a $25.00 late fee will be charged.
Snowmobile Registrations

Non-Resident 3-Day
Non-Resident 10-Day


$  55.00
$  75.00




Building Permits 
Plumbing Permits

Fees are assigned by the code enforcement officer.

Concealed Weapons New 


Hunting & Fishing Licenses
Hunting (16 and Older)
Fishing (16 and Older)
Jr Hunting (0 to 15 years)
Migratory Bird
Spring/Fall Turkey
Archery Fish

$  8.00
$  4.00
$  7.25


Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates
Certified Copy
Additional Copy
Marriage License
$  6.00
When applying for marriage, if either party is divorced, please bring in the most recent divorce decree.




ATV Registrations

Non Resident
Non Resident 7 Day


$ 70.00




Photocopies and Faxing


Non-Certified Birth, Marriage, Death Certificates

Faxes Sent/Received


$0.50 per page

$1.00 first copy
$0.50 each additional copy

$2.00 first page
$0.50 each additional page