4 School Street
Medway, Maine
(207) 746-9531

Board of Selectmen


The Town of Medway has a five-member board of Selectmen.They meet every Monday evening at 5:30 pm here at the Town Office.  The Board of Selectmen is also considered the Assessor’s for the town.They have contracted with the Town of Millinocket for an Assessor’s Aid, Mike Noble, who has regular hours here on Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and Wednesday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

                      Personal Property Tax Commitment Book           Real Estate Tax Commitment Book       Real Estate Tax Maps 


 1/2/2017/NO MEETING

Minutes01092017.pdf Minutes01162017.pdf Minutes01232017.pdf /Minutes01302017.pdf
February Minutes02062017.pdf Minutes02142017.pdf  HOLIDAY NO MEETING Minutes02272017.pdf
March NO MEETING Minutes/March13,2017.pdf /Minutes03202017.pdf Minutes03272017.pdf  
April Minutes04032017.pdf Minutes04102017.pdf Minutes04172017.pdf Minutes04262017.pdf Minutes05012017.pdf
May Minutes05082017.pdf Minutes05152017.pdf Minutes05222017.pdf Minutes05302017.pdf HOLIDAY
June     Minutes06122017.pdf   Minutes06262017.pdf
July   Minutes07102017.pdf Minutes07172017.pdf


August Minutes08072017.pdf Minutes08142017.pdf Minutes08212017.pdf Minutes08282017.pdf  
September HOLIDAY  Minutes09052017.pdf  Minutes09112017.pdf Minutes09182017.pdf Minutes09252017.pdf
October Minutes10022017.pdf   HOLIDAY  Minutes10162017.pdf Minutes10232017.pdf Minutes10302017.pdf
November Minutes11062017.pdf        
December        HOLIDAY