4 School Street
Medway, Maine
(207) 746-9531

Town Office

The Medway Town Office is open every Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. The Medway Board of Selectmen meets every Monday evening @ 5:30 pm and all meetings are open to the general public. The Code Enforcement Officer/Assessors Aid is here every Tuesday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and Wednesday from noon - 2:00pm. Don't hesitate to call if assistance is needed out side of regular hours for either code enforcement or questions on assessments.

Medway Town Office

4 School Street Medway, ME 04460

Email: medway@pwless.net


Medway Town Officials
Selectmen, Assessors Bruce Jones (Chairman)
Jeffery Jandreau (Co-Chair)
Barbara Hartford
John Lee
Robert Farrington
Administrative Assistant
Town Clerk
General Assistance Administrator
Deputy Treasurer
Notary Public (1/06/2023)
Katherine Lee
Tax Collector
Registrar of Voters
Motor Vehicle Agent
Deputy Town Clerk
Notary Public (1/06/2023)
Donna Bishop
Deputy Tax Collector
Deputy G.A. Administrator
Beth Jandreau
Chief of Police Cameron McDunnah
Recreation Director Jody Nelson
Asst. Recreation Director Traci Waite
Recreation Committee Lowell Davis, Jolayne Dicentes
Janet Cram, Diane Laporte
Scott Nelson, Karen Lyons
Darrell Lyons
Code Enforcement Officer
Assessor Aide (Tues. 11am - 1pm Wed. 12pm - 2 pm)
Mike Noble
Fire Chief Jon Buckingham
Electrical Inspector Terry McLaughlin
School Superintendent Dawn Pray
Schoolboard Members

Gregory Stanley (Chairman)
Eugene Laporte
Bruce Cox
Darrell Lyons

Dawn York

Board of Appeals/Assessment Review John Farrington, Donald Demers,
Jane McLaughlin, Janice Barr
Hope Boyd
Public Works Director Greg Hale
Public Works Department Joel Stanley
Scott Rudge
Grounds Maintenance Carlton "Dusty" Cramp
Animal Control Officer Jeff Dickey
Transfer Site Employees

Alton "Tashe" Stanley
Peter Rouleau

Galen Mclaughlin (Fill-in)

Local Phone Numbers
Town Office
Town Office Fax
Fire Department
Rec. Dept.
Code Enforcement
Animal Control
Town Documents
Senior Citizen Group
Senior citizen meet every Tuesday from 11:30 am to 2: pm at the Medway Fire Station at 23 Grindstone Road, Medway, ME 04460. Meetings begin in September and run thur May with summers off.